Public and Private IP SIM Cards

Complete M2M / IoT SIM Solutions

Millbeck offers a comprehensive range of IoT SIM cards designed for reliable connectivity in challenging environments, enabling seamless communication for your IoT applications. 
Our IoT SIM cards are equipped with robust features such as moisture and dust resistance, secure authentication, low-power options, and remote management capabilities for optimal performance.
We provide dynamic and fixed IP address SIM cards, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for your IoT devices. Our roaming SIM cards, also known as multi-network SIM cards, offer widespread coverage by connecting to multiple networks across various locations, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.
Additionally, we offer public IP SIM cards, allowing remote access to your 4G and 5G routers, simplifying device management and monitoring. 
Complementing our IoT SIM card offerings, we provide 4G and 5G routers and trackers, enabling a one-stop-shop solution for your IoT connectivity needs.
M2M IoT Data SIM Cards


  • Dynamic and fixed IP address SIM cards
  • Roaming SIM cards (multi-network SIM cards)
  • Public IP SIM cards for remote access
  • 4G and 5G routers and trackers
  • Robust features like moisture resistance, secure authentication, and remote management1
  • Global coverage and uninterrupted connectivity12

With Millbeck’s comprehensive IoT SIM card solutions and complementary hardware offerings, you can streamline your M2M and IoT connectivity, ensuring reliable and secure communication for your business-critical applications across various industries.



Our IoT SIM cards and connectivity solutions are widely used in various applications, including:

  • CCTV Systems: Public IP SIM cards enable remote access to CCTV systems, allowing for real-time monitoring and surveillance from anywhere in the world.

  • Digital Signage and Kiosks: Reliable connectivity is crucial for digital signage and interactive kiosks, ensuring seamless content delivery and real-time updates.

  • Asset Tracking and Fleet Management: Roaming SIM cards and 4G/5G trackers facilitate real-time tracking of assets and vehicles across multiple locations, optimizing logistics and operations.

  • Smart Metering and Utilities: IoT SIM cards and routers enable remote monitoring and control of utility meters, improving efficiency and reducing operational costs.

  • Healthcare and Telemedicine: Secure and reliable connectivity is essential for remote patient monitoring, telemedicine applications, and the transmission of sensitive medical data.


IoT eSIM Solutions

Leverage the power of eSIM technology to remotely and dynamically manage SIM profiles for your IoT devices. Streamline network provisioning and enhance the efficiency of global deployments.

IoT Single Network SIM Cards

In the UK, we offer dedicated single network SIM cards for leading mobile network operators such as O2, EE, Vodafone, and 3mobile. These SIM cards are tailored to provide consistent and reliable connectivity for IoT devices, leveraging the extensive network coverage of these established providers to maintain seamless communication across your IoT ecosystem.

Security Solutions

Multi-Network SIM Cards with higher inclusive data allowances to help manage costs and prevent unwanted overage charges and single network SIM cards with very large inclusive data plans for heavy users.  Available with Fixed Public or Private IP addresses.

Multi Network SIM Cards

Our roaming SIM cards operate on multiple networks so wherever you are installing your equipment you can increase reliability with a choice of all four UK networks and European and worldwide roaming options.  Our Multi Network SIM cards are available with Private or Public Fixed IP addresses or as dynamic multi-network SIM cards.

Roaming SIM Cards

Roaming Data SIM Cards are just another name for multi network data SIM cards and will roam between networks.  Our roaming SIMs operate on all fur UK networks and can have dynamic IP, private fixed, or public Fixed IP address.  We offer these on a range of inclusive data plans to suit your application and budget.

High Data Fixed IP SIM Cards

We offer single network mobile broadband SIM cards with 500GB per month of inclusive data with a fixed, public IP address ideal for applications that use large amounts of data such as CCTV or small office 4G Internet where a public IP address is required.