Dual WAN 4G Internet Failover

Business Continuity

The vast majority of businesses are now reliant on a working internet connection. How long could your business cope without access to the internet? What if the network cable to your building is damaged by a utility company digging up the road? Your fixed line connection will be severed and it has been known to take weeks for this to be restored. The solutions we provide have Dual WAN automatic internet back up using 4G technology to keep your business online.

This solution provides a resilient 4G connection to the internet so that your business can continue as normal if your wired internet is down. This process is automated, there is no need to reconfigure anything if your line fails. The router will automatically switch to 4G if it detects the primary internet connection has failed. The router will automatically switch back to the primary connection when it has been re-established and is stable.

Dual SIM back up Solution

For increased resilience we also offer dual SIM solution, allowing you to have SIMs from two networks embedding in your router. Should one network lose connection the router will automatically switch to the other network. This is your total fail-safe solution to broadband resilience.