4G Routers

We supply reliable 4G routers, 4G antennas and Fixed IP SIM cards to provide cost effective mobile broadband connectivity for any remote connectivity application.

Teltonika RUT901 4G Router

Choosing the best 4G Router for your application

The majority of our 4G routers are designed for M2M applications so if you need a 4G router for your Office Internet then your choice is limited to just a few routers and you can view these at the bottom of the page under the Office 4G router section.

For M2M 4G Routers we have listed them in order of popularity and given brief descriptions of the main features and why our customers prefer them. Usually the main criteria for selection of a 4G router is size, number of Ethernet ports, WiFi, Dual SIM for failover, Dual 4G modem for extra resilience and security and VPN and of course in many instances the price for the 4G router plays a large part in choosing a router.

For all markets including:

Teltonika 4G Routers

Discover the excellence of Teltonika 4G routers – your trusted choice for robust and secure LTE 4G connectivity in professional settings. Designed for mission-critical applications, these routers boast high performance and connectivity redundancy with dual SIM failover. Experience the power of high-speed, wireless 4G mobile broadband with advanced features, ensuring a reliable network connection. Teltonika 4G routers are the ideal solution for various applications and industries, providing unmatched reliability and security. Elevate your connectivity with Teltonika’s cutting-edge technology.

Teltonika RUT200 4G Router
Teltonika RUT200
Teltonika RUT901 Dual SIM 4G Router - Best Seller
Teltonika RUT901
Teltonika RUT906 Dual SIM 4G Router with Serial Interface
Teltonika RUT906
Teltonika RUT260 CAT6 4G Router
Teltonika RUT260
Teltonika RUT241 4G Router
Teltonika RUT241
Teltonika RUT951 Dual SIM CAT4 LTE router with serial interface
Teltonika RUT951
Teltonika RUT956

Teltonika Routers

Teltonika RUTX08 Industrial Router
Teltonika RUTX08

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Teltonika RUT300
Teltonika RUT300

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Teltonika RUTX10

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