5G Routers

We supply secure and reliable 5G routers, 5G antennas and Fixed IP SIM cards to provide cost effective mobile broadband connectivity solution for high speed, remote connectivity applications.

Choosing the best 5G Router for your application

Teltonika 5G routers, RUTX50 and RUTM50, are designed for M2M and IOT applications so if you need high speed 5G connectivity then the Teltonika routers provide an upgraded connection from their range of industrial 4G routers.

For M2M/IOT Routers we have listed them in order of popularity and given brief descriptions of the main features and why our customers prefer them. Usually the main criteria for selection of industrial 4G or 5G router is size, number of Ethernet ports, WiFi, Dual SIM for failover, Dual modem for extra resilience and security and VPN and of course in many instances the price for the 4G/5G router plays a large part in choosing a router.

For all markets including:

Teltonika 5G Routers and Modems

RUTX50 5G Router
Teltonika RUTX50 5G Router
RUTM50 5G Router from Teltonika
Teltonika RUTM50 5G Router
TRB500 5G Modem
Teltonika TRB500 5G Modem