Proroute 4G and 5G Routers

Do you need a fast, reliable and secure Internet service but are restricted by slow wired broadband, or relying on a single 4G or 5G router for your office Internet. (Hint: SD WAN PRO is the solution you are looking for)

In fact, it is not just office Internet that needs to give it’s Internet speed a boost. In fact, with remote working, pop-up stores, event streaming and Pre Ethernet requirements for office moves with long delays for wired Ethernet services many businesses are searching Google for bonded 4G, bonded 5G Routers, bonded Internet and SD-WAN.

The SD WAN PRO solution lets you combine several different Internet services into a single, high speed Internet service with low latency and a single IPv4 address so you can increase the speed of your wired broadband by adding a 4G router and using the Bonded 4G service. You may want to add a second wired broadband service, another 4G router or if you are lucky enough to get 5G mobile broadband, then the SDWANPRO service can also support bonded 5G.

SD WAN PRO – The key to bonded Internet