Teltonika RMS

Teltonika Networks Remote Management System (RMS) is an all-in-one, user-friendly IoT platform providing an easy way to stay on top of your connected solution. It is a powerful software that allows for remote access and management of all connected Teltonika Networks and third party devices.


RMS Key Features & Benefits.

Unified Device Management

Manage and monitor all Teltonika routers, gateways, and connected devices from a single platform

Benefit: Simplifies device management and monitoring, saving time and operational costs

Remote Access and Control

Remote command line, web UI access, and remote desktop for Teltonika and non-Teltonika devices

Benefit: Enables efficient troubleshooting and management without needing physical access

Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

Real-time email/push alerts for events like signal changes, location, status

Benefit: Keeps users informed immediately about critical changes and potential issues

Firmware / Configuration Management

Bulk firmware updates and configuration backup/restore for multiple devices

Benefit: Ensures devices are up-to-date and protects against data loss efficiently

Reporting and Analytics

Custom reports on device parameters, data usage, location history, etc.

Benefit: Provides valuable insights for analysis, reporting and optimizing performance

Security and Access Control

Encrypted communication, user authentication, role-based access control

Benefit: Enhances security by ensuring only authorized access and data protection

The Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) offers a convenient solution for accessing, monitoring, and managing all Teltonika network devices, including the RUT2XX, RUT8XX, and RUT9XX routers.

Centralized System
Manage your entire router fleet through a single, browser-based interface. This system is universally compatible with browsers, requiring no additional installations or plugins.

With RMS, users can access, monitor, and control entire router fleets through a unified web-based interface. This system is compatible with all platform browsers and doesn't require any installation or extra plugins.

Accessibility and Security
Routers do not need a public IP address for remote access, reducing maintenance expenses and enhancing efficiency. Communication between routers and the main server is secured with a hardcoded OpenVPN connection, eliminating the need for configuration and safeguarding the communication channel.

Firmware and Configuration
Updates Simultaneously deploy your preferred configuration templates or firmware updates to multiple devices or groups. This over-the-air, bulk update and configuration process significantly cuts down on system maintenance costs.

Maintenance and Diagnostics
Users can view information about each unit's location and monitor performance indicators like temperature and signal strength. For proactive diagnostics, there's an option to remotely reboot devices and download troubleshooting or system event files for comprehensive health analysis.

Enhance the overall performance and efficiency of your network with reporting tools that enable the creation of custom reports about device availability, performance, and anomalies. These tools help in actively monitoring the health and behavior of your network.

You can log in to your RMS account by clicking on this link.

Teltonika RMS Management


Complete remote control over all connected Teltonika Networks compatible devices even without a public IP.

Teltonika RMS Connect


Unified access system allowing to reach and control connected smart devices remotely with RMS.

Teltonika RMS VPN


RMS VPN is the safest way to reach multiple endpoints remotely

Start Managing Your Teltonika Devices With RMS and Millbeck.

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