LPBEM-6-60-5SP Low Profile Magnetic Mount 4G / 5G Antenna 8dBi Peak Gain

LPBEM-6-60-5SP Low Profile Magnetic Mount 4G / 5G Antenna 8dBi Peak Gain

Panorama LPBEM-6-60-5SP 5G Antenna

  • Magnetic Mounted, Robust Build
  • 8dBi Peak Gain
  • Fitted with 5m cable (RG174) with SMA Male


The LPBEM-6-60-5SP is a high performance SiSo LTE antenna covering 617-960/1710-6000MHz.

The Panorama LPBEM-6-60 is a range of low cost high performance magnetic mount antennas for temporary fit applications. At only 95mm (3.7”) high and protected by a robust high impact radome the antenna is almost impervious to daily wear and tear.

The LPBEM offers excellent performance across a wide bandwidth supporting 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G Cellular networks. The LPBEM-6-60 covers global cellular and LTE frequencies from 617-960 MHz and 1710-6000 MHz making it an extremely versatile product. Although intended for magnetic mounting on a conductive ground plane the antenna can also be used for desk mounting applications with some impact on performance.

Supplied with a 5m length of flexible RG174 cable terminated with SMA Male connector and supplied with a double sided adhesive pad (in the event the antenna is not magnetically mounted), the LPBEM 5G Antenna is easy to install and compatible with a large range of modems. Multiple units can be deployed suitably separated for MiMo applications

Product Features

  • Low profile wideband antenna
  • Cost effective solution
  • Robust product with integrated cable of various lengths

Performance Features

  • Covers all 2G/3G/4G/5G LTE cellular bands from 600-6000MHz
  • Medium dB gain antenna
  • Magnetic mount solution


  • Allows for SiSo LTE connectivity in a small antenna profile and footprint
  • Suitable for use across multiple applications and industries
  • High performance antenna


  • Utility sector
  • Smart metering
  • Vending machine & Kiosk

LPBEM-6-60-5SP Specification

Electrical Data
LTE Frequencies 617-960/1710-6000MHz
Peak Gain (dBi) 8
Max Input Power (W) 25
Pattern Omni-directional
Mechanical Data
Available Colours Black
Height (mm) 96 (3.7”)
Diameter (mm) 48 (1.89”)
Operating Temperature -40 / 80°C
Mounting Data
Mounting Type Magnetic Mount


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