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Teltonika are a Lithuanian manufacturer of GPS tracking devices and networking devices including industrial 4G routers.

Teltonika first launched in the UK with the RUT104 and subsequently the RUT500 3G routers and built upon the success of these initial 3G router offerings and launched the successful RUT950 and RUT955 models with the introduction of LTE 4G networks.  Teltonika routers have primarily been aimed at the industrial M2M marketplace to provide cost effective, 4G internet for remote access and monitoring applications such as CCTV, parking, payment terminals, kiosks and wind/solar energy connectivity.

The range has grown significantly and with the introduction of the budget 4G router, the RUT240, Teltonika grew their customer base and added innovative solutions such as the Teltonika RMS.

Teltonika have also branched out into consumer 4G routers and have launched their first consumer 4G router, the Teltonika TCR100.

In the 2020’s Teltonika has grown its range of products to include office networking solutions and hopefully will soon be able to launch their new Teltonika 5G Router to provide high speed 5G Internet connectivity.