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5G Routers for home, office and M2M remote access and monitoring. View our range of Industrial 5G routers designed to provide reliable and secure 5G cellular internet connectivity for remote management and monitoring. These Industrial grade routers with SIM slot are designed to provide an alternative to wired broadband services and when used with a Fixed IP SIM card will offer a high speed Internet service with a static, public IP address to allow for remote access and the use of port forwarding or to use the 5G router as a VPN server.

These Industrial 5G routers will typically be used for M2M applications, however some routers will also be suitable for home and office 5G Internet, especially where the user needs to mount external 5G antennas. This is because routers like the Proroute RAPID NR550 has external antenna connectors that use SMA screw fittings so it enables a wider choice of high gain 5G antenna to be connected. Some consumer 5G routers will only have internal antennas or will have TS( connectors which will either require a 5G Antenna with TS9 Connectors or the use of an SMA to TS( adapter which is often an impractical solution for using a 5G router with an outdoor 5G antenna.

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