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Category: 4x4 MiMo 5G Antennas

5G MiMo 4×4 Antennas
View our range of 5G MiMo Antennas with 4×4 MiMo. These directional and omni-directional 5G antennas are designed to work with 5G routers with 4×4 MiMo antenna connections. Each 5G 4×4 antenna is supplied with 4 x antenna cables to connect to the 4 antenna ports of your 5G router.

We recommend Omni-Directional MiMo antennas for indoor or outdoor mounting where you need to position the antenna in a location that receives a better 5G network signal than the router location. For Rural Broadband installations where the 4G or 5G mast is some distance away then a directional 5G Antenna with 4×4 MiMo can be installed and pointed at the desired mast and get the best overall performance for 5G Internet connectivity.

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