Common APN Settings for UK Network SIM Cards.

The APN settings below are for contract (pay monthly) SIM Cards.  If you are using a PAYG (Pay As You Go) SIM card then your SIM provider may need you to use different APN settings.  Please contact your PAYG SIM card provider to obtain the correct APN.

EE APN settings

Name: EE Internet
APN: everywhere
Username:  eesecure
Password:  secure

GiffGaff APN settings

Name: giffgaff
Username:  giffgaff
Password:  password

O2 APN settings

Name: O2 Internet
Username:  o2web
Password:  password

Tesco Mobile APN settings

Name: Tesco Internet
Username:  tescowap
Password:  password

Three APN settings

Name: 3 Internet
Username:  <leave blank>
Password:  <leave blank>

Name: Virgin Internet
Username:  user
Password:  <leave blank>

Vodafone APN settings

Name: Vodafone Internet
APN: internet
Username:  web
Password:  web